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July 31, 2018

Adventurous Sedona Elopement || Sedona Elopements

Tyson and Brittany had an elopement that was a bit more adventurous than most weddings. They picked one of the most gorgeous places in Sedona to get married, Merry Go Round Rock. For those visiting, this is a place on top of a gorgeous outlook, but the way there is a bit of a challenge. The smart way to get there is by taking a jeep because there are some parts of the dirt road that are complete drop offs. And yet.. I’ve seen little honda civics make it up this road! However, Tyson and Brittany did get a jeep for the ride.
We zoomed down the road, taking it a little rough and within about 10 minutes in – our jeep overheated. Totally unexpected. We pulled over and I decided to do some photos of Brittany with her florals in the river bed nearby. I figured why not work with what we have? After doing some photos of their vows and their rings, our driver started the jeep up again and we were on our way.
We drove may be 5 miles and the jeep overheated again. This time we were by a massive rock wall that actually became a gorgeous backdrop for their couples portraits. I think most would have been upset, thinking that this was a disaster – that they weren’t going to make it to the top for the gorgeous views during their ceremony. But then Ken, our reverend suggested we walk up the nearby path and take more photos up there. The view was also stunning.. We nearly decided to just do the ceremony there.
But Tyson, Brittany and I didn’t want to give up yet. Thanks to Kelsey, our lead planner she sent a visiting couple (who Jane and I had just covered their elopement the day before) to come a rescue us so we could make it to the top. We waited for a bit – but all that time gave us plenty of gorgeous photos. I enjoyed getting to know Tyson and Brittany really well, and so we endured the adventure together. We were rescued with about 45 mins of sunlight left. The top was about 10 mins up from us and we once again zoomed up in another jeep that did not overheat.
I think we were all so relieved when we made it to the top – and it was well worth it. Tyson and Brittany had their quiet elopement as the sunset behind the red rocks and their elopement became a day that they truly would never forget.





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