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Engagements, Phoenix

June 4, 2019

|| Surprise Proposal at the Hermosa Inn ||

One the morning before this proposal I received a text from a number I’d never seen before asking if I was available the next evening in Phoenix. Turns out I was heading down to The Valley in preparation for a Saturday wedding, and I figured, the timings right, let’s do it!

From there my number was passed down the line until I was in touch with Ben and his friend Arianna who was helping him set up and plan this proposal to his girlfriend Alyssa.
Turns out Alyssa is a professional golfer and they met at a charity golf event. He says that he knew by the 3rd date that she was the one. 🙂

When I arrived the next day at the Hermosa Inn, Arianna and I worked to put together a little table and set up just for the two of them. It was also Alyssa’s birthday, so we thought, it won’t be too suspicious ! See the photos below to see how it all turned out.

Spoiler alert : She said yes!



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