Here are the stories of my adventures with couples as we spend the day together exploring an capturing them in the beauty of Arizona. 
There are engagements, elopements and weddings to see, each with their unique look & story.

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Cathedral Rock, Engagements, Sedona

August 16, 2019

Adventure Lovers on top of Cathedral Rock || Sedona AZ

It was a cooler that normal summer day in Sedona Arizona when Mike and Nika came to Cathedral Rock for their Adventure Engagement.

Clouds hung high in the sky blocking out the most intense rays of sunlight, casting a diffused shadow over the landscape. The air was cool even in 90 degree weather.
Mike, Nika and their pup Maggie all arrived excited and ready for the journey ahead.
We began exploring the lower side of Cathedral Rock, taking in the views and showing Maggie some love.
Our journey up Cathedral Rock soon began after that. The climb of 645 feet up into the sky ahead.
We stopped along the way for some of the most extraordinary views along the way.
There’s no place like Cathedral Rock.
Their climb ended on top the world surrounded by the sheer rock faces of red rock towering high above.
If you’re looking for an adventure and incredible views, you can’t go wrong with Cathedral Rock and an Adventure Lover’s Engagement session.



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