Here are the stories of my adventures with couples as we spend the day together exploring an capturing them in the beauty of Arizona. 
There are engagements, elopements and weddings to see, each with their unique look & story.

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October 10, 2019

Elopement in the Mountains || Flagstaff, Arizona

As autumn slowly chills the air, two lovers said their vows with mount Humphrey’s looking over them.

Their vows brought tears to each other and their family who witnessed.

The subtle breeze made the leaves dance around them as they placed each ring upon one another’s finger.
They kissed and the breeze stopped and the world around them became very still, as if it were taking in this moment.
As we wandered through the aspen forest, they danced in fields and kissed under the groves.

A streak of sunlight making it’s appearance every now and them when they kissed.
A doe appeared, looking curiously at the two of them, as they followed the path.
The sun still hid behind the clouds as we reached a vast opening filled with golden ferns, a quite echo of thunder came from the mountain.
As we made our way to see the mountain that greeted us, a burst of sunlight lit the two of them.

The storm clouds surrounding around them and making for a dramatic backdrop.
They had no fear, just the pureness of their love as they yet again danced and kissed in defiance against any storm coming their way.
Not a single drop hit their faces as the sun began to set and we wandered back to our cars, amazed by the majesty of the sunset wishing them well.

Flagstaff Arizona is truly a unique place & I love being able to work in my own hometown!
This September day was cool and filled with greenery. The ferns had changed colors, but not yet the trees.
This location was at Aspen Corner in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Officiant: Tracey Wood
Dress: Lulus
Flowers: Foster Wright
Hair: Sedona Beauty Team


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