Here are the stories of my adventures with couples as we spend the day together exploring an capturing them in the beauty of Arizona. 
There are engagements, elopements and weddings to see, each with their unique look & story.

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December 6, 2019

Winter Rain Adventure Session // Day Before Session at Cathedral Rock

We had been watching the weather for a week. And as our session edged closer, the weather shifted. Total downpour expected for our scheduled date!
My first thought was, I hope they can do the day before we planned, but this would mean doing hair and make-up, and getting all the flowers a day early.

Props to all the amazing vendors who pulled through to get Marija & Corin everything they needed for such a gorgeous session!!
We made it work, and hiked to the top of Cathedral rock with cloudy skies above.

Marija and Corin are from Germany and currently traveling the world (wowowow!) and the southwest was one of their stops on the journey.

Plus they planned to get married here too (tying the knot in the courthouse two days after our shoot!!)
We reached the top, not many tourists or hikers around with the cloudy skies. Which was wonderful considering just how beautiful this all turned out.
I’m a huge fan of cloudy days! They change everything about the lighting of the day and that what makes for a whole new mood in sessions.
I absolutely loved their wedding rings, since they suite the journey they’re currently on, matching the continents of the Earth engraved in gold.
Marija’s dress was stunning and Corin’s baby blue tux made up for the non-existent blue skies!
A few drops of rain here and there, and everyone left except for us.

We were on top of the world, all alone.
There’s nothing better.

The rain was only for about 10 mins then stopped, and no one else showed up for the rest of our session.
They wondered around the mountain top, taking it all in, the wind blowing at just the perfect moments.
I looked towards the west, and saw the slit of blue sky on the horizon.
The sun was going to burst through, and sure enough, it did.. and wow, what a gorgeous moment this was.
Marija and Corin then shared their vows with one another, even though I couldn’t understand a word of German, the emotions were real the moment was real.

I knew exactly what they were saying to one another.

Understanding every word wasn’t necessary to see them confess their love for each other.

We hiked down after sunset, which was dark, but we made it safety back to their RV which they were traveling the west with.
What an amazing day.

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