Here are the stories of my adventures with couples as we spend the day together exploring an capturing them in the beauty of Arizona. 
There are engagements, elopements and weddings to see, each with their unique look & story.

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March 18, 2020

Livin on the Edge // Horseshoe Bend Engagement, Page AZ

Marcus reached out to me a week before their trip to the southwest. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Jasmine.

Horseshoe Bend was his chosen spot and I was so excited to finally shoot there!
We wandered down the path to an area that just seemed totally flat, as if there was nothing out here.
Then as we came closer to the gathering people, a massive cliff drop stood before us.
Jasmine’s reaction to looking over the edge is exactly how I felt! haha!

We took some time to take in the view and explore the area, away from the crowds.
It seemed like they were the only ones there.

When they walked to a wide overlook, Marcus got on one knee and asked to marry her.
She said yes!!
Of course she had to scream “I’m engaged!! I’m engaged!!” as they looked at the vast landscape in front of them.

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