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May 20, 2020

Adventure to the Edge of the World // Engagement Session

Why not drive down a winding dirt road to the edge of the world?


Mindy & Dillon wanted an epic adventure engagement session, and this location did not disappoint!!

Bringing a long their sense of adventure, they followed me down the dusty road for about an hour to stumble upon a side road that lead to this outlook.
Once I saw that cliff side, I knew it was the perfect spot!

They were brave enough to walk out there, and create this beautiful moment.

They even shared a couple of their favorite beers on as they took in the view!

We were also surrounded by forests of pine and ferns, so we had to do some photos there! 🙂

Mindy & Dillon work in Physical Therapy and have been able to work through the Covid-19 pandemic, helping those still in need!

They are seriously the sweetest people I’ve ever met!
How they met & even how Dillon proposed was just too perfect!

How they met:

“We met at a physical therapy program function; one of our professors loves physiology and loves wine so she created a club where two students present research and then we do a wine tasting. I had seen him around campus but our paths just hadn’t crossed to exchange names until the club meeting. I introduced myself over appetizers and we began talking and kept talking the next two hours of the meeting! We started slowly getting to know each other after that and the rest is history!”

How he proposed: 

“He had secretly planned this a couple months of ahead of time, but had two of our best friends (a couple we met in PT school) ask me to go on a hike that we love out east (picketpost mountain) early morning one day. I of course accepted and was so excited to hike it again with Dillon (we had done it once before and had a blast!).

He had snuck the ring and a love letter into my friends backpack and since he normally hikes faster than us a gets to top a few minutes before us, he did that as he usually does and snuck the love letter in the mailbox that’s at the end of the trail. (There’s a cute mailbox where people write in notebooks, leave little trinkets, etc.). I love looking into the box to see what’s there so I did that again and found a letter with my name on it!

I started reading and then noticed that Dillon was standing close by with something in his hand, so I knew that he was proposing! At the end of the letter it ended with ” I have one last question for you….” and then he dropped down on one knee.

As if that wasn’t great enough, he had me convinced that we were going to a birthday party for one of our friends but in reality is a surprise engagement party with all our friends here, my sister and two best friends from San Diego. I was totally floored by all the planning that went into it and how I have NO IDEA whatsoever that this was happening. He had me convinced that we wouldn’t be getting engaged until Fall 2019. It was just the best day, exactly what we both wanted it to be!”

And the rest is history!
I’m so honored and excited to be capturing their wedding this fall at Sedona Gold Resort! 🙂

It will be an unforgettable day!

Congrats to Dillon and Mindy!


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