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February 7, 2021

The most Adventurous Spot in Sedona // Day After Session in Sedona

What Makes Merry go round Rock the most adventurous location in Sedona?

Amber and Ryan wanted those adventurous photos in Sedona, so they picked the best spot possible.
This beautiful location requires a jeep ride up a steep & rocky road to a cliffside spot.

It seems like the area where all the tourists go, but we have a little secret.
There’s a spot that is isolated & stunning away from everyone else.

Merry go Round Rock has to be one of my top locations, simply because of it’s isolation & the pure beauty of the space here in Sedona.
There’s so much variation & stunning spots for your photos.
These two did a day after session here for the fun of it & look how gorgeous these photos came out 🙂



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