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October 18, 2021

Best time of year to get Married in Sedona // Tips for your visit!

Whether you are from Arizona or from out of state, there are just some seasons that are better for those beautiful red rock weddings.
Keeping in mind the weather, foliage & tourist high seasons, this post will go in depth about what to consider when getting married in Sedona.

December through February

During this time of year, there is a higher chance for rain and snow showers. The average temperature in Sedona in 64 degrees, with a low of 34.
In my experience, we have had very cold and windy days during this time of year, so layers are super important. The cottonwoods and annual trees are bear & don’t hold many leaves in the area.
Be sure to check the weather a few days in advance to make sure there isn’t a major storm, which can lead to high winds on the first day, snow the second and more cold winds the third.
Wool socks, fux fur ponchos, and hand warmers are a must for this time of year!


March through May 
March is when the busy season begins, with spring break tourism picks up in the area. Expect more hotels booked on the weekends & an increase in traffic.
The downside to Sedona is that there is just a 2 lane road leading into Sedona from PHX unless you cut through Cottonwood. This can get backed up on the weekends & lead to delays in transportation!
The average temps range from 69 degrees in March to 86 degrees in May.
May is our wedding busy season, so locking in these weekends sometimes requires locking in vendors a year in advance!

This is a pleasant time of year and it really is the perfect time to visit before the hotter temps arrive!

Greenery starts showing up more in Mid April to early May.
Planning ahead and booking your reservations early, is must for this time of year.

June through August

Hot hot hot! The average temps in Sedona reach 96 degrees in June to 100 in July. August gets back into 96 degrees.

This is the off season, when it comes to weddings and photography sessions in Sedona, Arizona. It’s just too hot to be out and about, when Sedona is all about being outside with those red rocks.
However, the best alternative is Flagstaff & Payson for photos. The average temps in Flagstaff are 80 degrees this time of year, and as a local, I can say it is great!
I highly recommend coming up north to beat the heat and get into the mountains for some pretty photos.

This is also our fire season, with increased temps and dry forest, it can be smoky this time of year.

Keep in mind that in July, our rainy season starts and so expect more likelihood of thunderstorms. Be mindful of severe storms and plan ahead!

If you have been in these high temps before, make sure to bring at least 1 gallon of water per person and take breaks as needed. Avoid being outside longer than 2 hours.


September through November
Rain Rain Rain!
Very opposite to June through July, the fall is towards the end of our monsoon season. Meaning there is a a higher chance for rain to come and rain down on our session!
This time of year the average temp in September is 91 degrees, then back down in October to 80 and November with a high of 68 degrees.
October is always our busy wedding season, so make sure if you want one of these weekend dates, you must reach our nearly a year in advance to your vendors!
Expect more cloudy days and cooler temps. The leaves begin to change in October, for a beautiful fall look along Oak Creek.

Flagstaff has a big aspen forest that change the first and second week of October!

Bringing layers and an umbrella is a must!

If you’re looking to book your session, keep these tips in mind to ensure you’re prepared for any time of year in Sedona! 😎

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