Victoria Nabours is one of the most in-demand wedding, adventure elopement, and couples photographers in Arizona. As a woman entrepreneur with a drive for success, Victoria built White Desert Photography from the red soil into the blooming cactus it is today.

Meet the Arizonan behind the lens 

Moving to Sedona from New Mexico in 2009 during high school, Victoria apprenticed with then-prolific wedding photographers and kindled her love for wedding photography.

She now lives in Flagstaff while writing — and photographing — her own love story with her fiancé she met at Northern Arizona University, where she earned her photography major and business minor. With what little time off she has, you can find her exploring new Arizona trails, spending time with her family, or cozying up on her couch with new crafts, video games or movies.

from the red soil into the blooming cactus

Heart of Sedona Weddings

Agave of Sedona

Red Agave Adventure Resort

Sky ranch Lodge

Victoria's adventurous portfolio already includes photos from Utah, California, Oregon, and Hawaii — and she's always looking for new adventures. Victoria has shot in just about every Sedona venue and countless trails across Arizona, and has been working with Sedona planners, photographers, officiants, florists, and caterers for years. She is listed with the following vendors:

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