Victoria Nabours and her team are the most in-demand photographers in Arizona. As a woman entrepreneur with a drive for success, Victoria built White Desert Photography from the red soil into the blooming cactus it is today and continues to expand her team to serve more couples.

Meet the Arizonans behind the lens 

Moving to Sedona from New Mexico in 2009 during high school, Victoria apprenticed with then-prolific wedding photographers and kindled her love for wedding photography.

She now lives in Flagstaff while writing — and photographing — her own love story with her fiancé she met at Northern Arizona University, where she earned her photography major and business minor. With what little time off she has, you can find her exploring new Arizona trails, spending time with her family, or cozying up on her couch with new crafts, video games or movies.

She grew up in the desert, defining her love of nature.

Our four associate photographers include Lacie, Annie, Hannah and Lily!
Associate photographers are a fantastic option for couples who are looking for high-quality photography services at a reasonable price. We have  four associate photographer available with two located in Phoenix and two located in Flagstaff, we are able to services a wider range of couples all over the state of Arizona!
 Our professional associate photographers are trained and skilled in capturing those unforgettable wedding moments, all while being edited with White Desert Photography's unique style! 
 They are mentored by Victoria, our senior photographer, and have extensive experience and knowledge in capturing Sedona weddings, elopements and engagement sessions.
Couples who choose to work with associate photographers can expect to receive the same level of professionalism, expertise, and creativity.

Meet the Associates 

Rocky Mountain National Park, colorado

Big Sur, California

Canyonlands national park, Utah

Glacier National Park, Montana

Victoria's adventurous portfolio already includes photos from Utah, California, Oregon and Hawaii — and she's always looking for new adventures. For couples looking for a photographer who loves the outdoors and traveling here are some of our bucket list locations. Inquire today so see about special pricing! 

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