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I have the amazing job of photographing people in love.
The couples I have met through my job are dedicated and put a lot of love into their commitment to one another.
Just like them, I put love and dedication into my commitment to provide you not only with the special moments from the day, but my desire to be apart of your day while capturing all the magic
I'm here to make sure you're comfortable and have fun during our shoot. 
I'm here to help guide you with poses and planning your engagement, elopement or wedding day! :)
This is about you & your day. I want to be there to feel each moment with you & be apart of this amazing day. 
I'm currently based in Flagstaff, Arizona, and have traveled all my life. I consider myself a true southwest girl. The deserts draw me in & the western sunsets steal my heart.
I love being outdoors and seeing a bride and groom in these stunning landscapes steals my breath away. 
Let's feel the wind in our hair and do some killer dance moves in the desert. 

Hey, I'm Victoria!

about me



- Snuggling on the couch with blankets on a cloudy day
- Creamer with a hint of coffee 
- Hiking whenever possible
- Hammocking in wide open spaces
- Road trips! I love seeing everything from point A to point B!
- Watching corny movies like Austin Powers & Airplane when I need cheering up
- Playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, Skyrim & Horizon Zero Dawn to relax and have fun!

- Scary Movies, literally give me nightmares!
- Flat locations, I become so disoriented when there's no mountains!
- When movies or TV shows end, I get so sad! haha
- Cutting my hair .. I always want long locks but need to chop it every now and then :(
- Filp Flops - I can never walk right in them haha!
- Heights (however, currently breaking that fear!)
- Tornado's, hence why I live nowhere near them!


I'm here for

"These look AMAZING! Oh my goodness! I am blown away! Thank you SO much for sending this preview! We can't wait to see the rest!

You are the BEST! We enjoyed working with both of you!!!
 Thank you for capturing the best day of our lives and being there to help and hold my chapstick! Seriously SO helpful:) "
Holly & Curt

amazing client 


Kind Words

I'm here for

"These are so ridiculously beautiful that I'll never be able to pick a favorite. It was so much fun working with Victoria. Thank you so much for capturing this moment for us!!!"
Adam & Katie

capturing adventures you'll never forget


Kind Words

I'm here for

"From boudoir shoots, to sweet engagement pics, the experience has been amazing so far! Victoria is super receptive to our requests and preferences and she is so fun to work with. Plus she takes SO MANY photos, you get your money's worth that's for sure (and they're totally stunning)!"
Ellie & Andy

each step of the way


Kind Words

I'm here for

"Victoria is AMAZING!!! We had an engagement shoot a month before the wedding and loved our photos but seeing the magic she created and captured at our wedding is indescribable! I would recommend her to everyone and anyone!!! She was so efficient, responds sooo quickly and so much fun to work with!!
Angela & Charles

having fun!


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