Where are the best spots for Sedona engagement photos?

When you’re thinking about a desert proposal or save the date announcements, there aren’t many locations in the Southwest that can match Sedona engagement photos.

Sedona, Arizona has become one of the best engagement, elopement, and wedding locations in the country. And if you want the best Sedona engagement photos, you need to pick the best Sedona picture spots. White Desert Photography tells its couples to pick locations based on the spot’s accessibility, distance to hike, how busy it gets, and whether it matches their style.

We believe choosing a location matters, whether you want a more adventurous spot or something easy. Because you should plan to cherish these photos forever.

Keep reading and we’ll explain our criteria for best locations, questions to ask your Arizona engagement photographer, and a list of the best spots for Sedona engagement photos.

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a couple holds each other while kissing on the lower third of the photo while standing at sunset on a cliff at Merry Go Round Rock

How can we get good Sedona engagement photos?

When thinking about where to take engagement photos in the city of the red rocks, your sedona engagement photographer will play a big part in your choice.

Consider asking photographers how long they’ve been shooting couples, if they know how to balance the couple with the environment, and what colors they will look good during your shoot? While you’re at it, get to know them and their values. And ask yourself: Would you feel comfortable with the photographer during your shoot?

Building a level of comfort with your photographer before your engagement will make a difference on the day of your shoot. It’s important for you to feel comfortable in front of the lens.

Beyond your photographer-to-client relationship, it’s important to know what Sedona picture spot fits your needs best.

Our criteria for great Sedona engagement photos locations

No location will be a perfect spot for everyone. So think about your needs, style, and expectations compared to what the locations can offer.

For example, if you prefer flat and short walks then you probably shouldn’t pick an engagement location that requires an extensive hike. So we’ll explain our top spots based on this criteria:

  • Trail quality — Do you need a Jeep to drive up the trail or is it a well-maintained walk?
  • Elevation change — Similar to trail quality, we’ll dive into whether you can expect to get tired on this hike based on our experience with clients.
  • Trail traffic — Certain trails get flooded with bikers, hikers, and other couples looking for engagement photos. We’ll tell you whether our pick is always secluded or requires some planning to hit right.
  • Accessibility — How close is the Sedona engagement photo location to the town, a paved road or parking lot?

We haven’t talked about the red rock views yet, because we promise you that every one of our locations will have stunning views.

These locations are a short list straight from our Arizona engagement photographer playbook.

Courthouse Vista

You would think Courthouse Vista would be on Sedona’s Courthouse Butte, a staggeringly tall rock that makes up the Sedona skyline.

However, Courthouse Vista sits across the canyon and provides one of the best views of Courthouse Butte, which is how the vista got it’s name. With a well-maintained trail, the vista lacks elevation change so we love recommending it to beginning hikers.

Vistas tend to be long and flat, and Courthouse Vista is no exception. There’s plenty of spots for photos even in the busy summer months. Sedona’s main road, State Route 89A, takes you directly to the trailhead parking lot with its nearby bathroom, so it’s easily accessible.

We rate it a 4.5 out of 5 on the red rock views scale.

A man and woman kiss while embracing at Courthouse Vista for their Sedona engagement photos

A man wearing a plan flannel shoots off a bottle of champagne at Courthouse Vista with his wife smiling and laughing while holding his arm for their Sedona engagement photos

a detailed shot of an engagement and wedding rings for Sedona engagement photos

Munds Wagon

Munds Wagon Trail has incredible red rock views, desert foliage, and northern Arizona history.

As the former trail connecting Sedona to the northern Arizona city Flagstaff before the Interstate 17 was established, it’s got some incredible rugged views. For Sedona engagement photos, this one is not one to skip. Near the downtown roundabouts, the trail doesn’t have obvious signs and is difficult to find without the right guide or photographer.

Another flat and easy to maneuver trail, Munds Wagon is definitely one of my favorites for hikers with less experience!

We rate it a 4 out of 5 on the red rock views scale.

A couple kisses while embracing at Sedona's Munds Wagon Trail.

A detail shot of a woman's hands wrapped around her husband's shoulders with her rings and tattoo on her arm during a Sedona engagement photo shoot.

A man smiles and looks toward the camera while holding his fiance during a Sedona engagement shoot at Munds Wagon.

Doe Mountain

Doe Mountain is for the seclusion-loving adventurers out there.

Steep yet short, the hike up Doe Mountain can wind less experienced hikers. But luckily it shouldn’t take more than a 30-minute hike for experienced adventurers willing to do a bit of rock scrambling. Once you reach the top, Doe Mountain’s flat top provides a leisurely walk and incredible 360 degree view of the surrounding valleys. If you’re looking for seclusion, this is your hike.

This location has a parking lot and paved access, however it’s not close to central Sedona and can be considered farther away than many of the other locations on our list.

These red rock views get a 4.5 out of 5.

A man and woman walk with each other while smiling for their Sedona engagement photos on top of Doe Mountain

An engagement ring sits on top of a Sedona red rock propped on cactus needles.

A man twirls a woman wearing a white dress while posing for Sedona engagement photos on Doe Mountain

Cathedral Rock

A favorite among my clients, Cathedral Rock has got to be the top spot for lovers in the Southwest.

The photos tell a visual story of the rugged beauty of the Southwest contrasted with the elegance of a loving couple. What more can you want from Sedona engagement photos? But the steep elevation and trail difficulty, I don’t recommend this hike for everyone. Additionally, it’s a bit inaccessible during the weekend because of the high traffic and Sedona shuttle.

If you’re interested in Cathedral Rock for your engagement photos in Sedona, you may need to pick a weekday in order to get it all to yourself. In fact, we recommend it.

This location is one that put Sedona on the map, so we give it a 5 out of 5.

A couple holds each other while standing on top of Cathedral Rock for their engagement photos in Sedona.

A couple stands side-by-side as they stand behind cactus and in front of Sedona's red rocks at Cathedral Rock for their Sedona engagement photos.

A couple stands at the edge of a cliff holding each other beneath a blue sky and near red rocks in Sedona.

Merry Go Round Rock

A favorite for eloping couples, this location also makes the perfect engagement photo to place on your wedding announcements.

Merry Go Round Rock’s foliage and incredible view of the Sedona canyons will provide you unforgettable engagement photos. This location is less accessible because it requires a Jeep to overcome the boulder-strewn road, but it’s worth it! My couples always tell me how thrilled they were with the offroading and incredible sunsets at Merry Go Round Rock.

The red rock views are one of the best you can find, so we give it a 5 out of 5.

Reach out to book your own private jeep tour with White Desert Photography.

A couple holds each other at Merry Go Round Rock during sunset for their Sedona engagement photos

A man and woman lean in for a kiss against a tree as she kicks out her high heel at Merry Go Round Rock for their Sedona engagement photos

A couple holds each other at Merry Go Round Rock during sunset for their Sedona engagement photos

Victoria Nabours, a Northern Arizona local, founded White Desert Photography in 2018.

Since then, the company has bloomed into one of the most in-demand wedding, elopement, and engagement photography companies in Sedona. Additionally, her years of expertise have taken her to international wedding destinations and attracted the eye of local and bridal magazines.

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Arianne & Eric

“My husband and I planned a small elopement in Sedona. I found Victoria on Instagram and loved her style. We went through the planning process without a wedding planner which proved to be difficult. Victoria was so helpful in making suggestions and pointing us into the right direction, even though I know she really didn’t have to do that as our photographer. On the day of the wedding, she was prompt in arrival and swift in ensuring that she captured everything. In our evening shoot, we went to 2 locations but looking at our pictures it appears that we went to at least 20. She has an amazing eye for photography and truly captured the spirit of our relationship. The quality is excellent and we could not be happier with how our photos turned out. Victoria is a gem. If you are looking for a down to earth and talented photography, choose White Desert Photography!”

If you are looking for a down to earth and talented photography, choose White Desert Photography!

Karina & Zach

“Totally WORTH IT! Highly recommend!

Victoria is amazing behind the camera. I am usually really camera shy but I was so comfortable. It literally felt like a DREAM! We enjoyed each breath taking moment!”

It literally felt like a DREAM! We enjoyed each breath taking moment!

Izza & Reenan 

“Our wedding was originally March 2020 and she was so great during that difficult time of unexpected rescheduling. When we finally met 2 years after our first email exchange she made us feel so comfortable and at ease.

We would 100% recommend her to anyone and would be thrilled to have her take our photos again.”

We would 100% recommend her to anyone and would be thrilled to have her take our photos again.

Sarah & Aaron

“We hired her for our engagements, bridals and wedding day and we absolutely LOVED having her to capture these special moments. Victoria, is personable yet professional, and by the end of these shoots we felt she was a dear friend.”

by the end of these shoots we felt she was a dear friend.