Do you need a Sedona marriage license?

Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, but without a marriage license your ceremony will not be legal. Brides and grooms often ask us how they can get a Sedona marriage license, so we wanted to explain how to plan for their special occasion.

The state of Arizona doesn’t offer marriage licenses based on location. You can pick up marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at any county court. Once you have your marriage license, you can use it anywhere in the state. This fact makes using a license an easy part of your Sedona elopement or Sedona wedding.

White Desert Photography’s Victoria Nabours and her now-husband went through this process when they eloped in 2022. Their experience, research, and Victoria’s experience with hundreds of ceremonies forms the basis of this guide!

Keep reading to learn how to pick up, file your license, and ensure you’re following Arizona marriage license requirements.

bride and groom sign marriage license after wedding ceremony

How to get a marriage license for Sedona

Arizona law states marriage licenses apply in any Arizona county.

People from both within and out-of-state love this fact. Sedona is located on the edge of Coconino County and Yavapai County, and both counties can provide you with a marriage license for Sedona ceremonies. So it’s really your choice to choose which service will provide you with your license.

However, not all county locations are convenient depending on your travel plans. White Desert Photography created a list below that shows where you can pick up a marriage license depending on how you’re traveling through Arizona.

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How much does a marriage license cost?

Arizona marriage licenses are not too expensive in the grand scheme of a wedding.

A license costs $83. But, you must bring and pay with cash because many courthouses do not have card readers. There may be nearby ATMs, but they will charge you an extra fee.

Don’t expect any inflation fees for your marriage license. State law sets the marriage license price and can only be changed by Arizona lawmakers.

bride and groom sign marriage license

Where do I go to get my Sedona marriage license?

Don’t trust anyone peddling Sedona marriage licenses around the internet or in Sedona tourist shops.

The best location to retrieve official marriage licenses from one of the state’s 15 county courthouses and satellite locations, none of which are in the City of Sedona.

Certain city courts in Arizona provide marriage licenses, but it’s best not to assume they’ll have what you need. Do your research to avoid making multiple trips! City and federal courthouses manage different laws and may not be able to provide you with a marriage license.

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What is the easiest way to pick up a marriage license?

We know you cannot wait to escape the daily grind and get to Sedona with its vortexes, weather, and trails.

But we recommend you add a stop on your trip to pick up your marriage license on your way to Sedona. If you don’t pick one up on the way, you may have to search and backtrack to find your Sedona marriage license. Sedona is in the heart of Arizona, meaning there are tons of opportunities to pick up a marriage license on the way to your wedding destination.

Below we’ve created a list of major routes to Sedona and the nearby courthouses. The hyperlinked locations will take you to each county’s marriage license information. Check it out:


  • Local to Arizona — Retrieving your marriage license will be easy if you’re a local. Travel to your local county’s superior court and you should be able to get what you need if you meet the requirements.

People traveling by plane:

  • Flying into Phoenix — You can pick up your marriage license at Maricopa County Superior Court or wait until you’re driving through Interstate 17.
  • Flying into Flagstaff — Flights to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport make picking up a marriage license a breeze. Pick up a marriage license from the downtown Coconino Superior Court.

If you’re traveling by car:

  • Interstate 40 — For couples driving Interstate 40 from Los Angeles or Las Vegas, Kingman’s Mohave Superior Court and Flagstaff’s Coconino Superior Court are great options. Additionally, if you’re driving Interstate 40 from New Mexico, consider stopping at Holbrook’s Navajo Superior Court.
  • Interstate 10 — People driving West Interstate 10 from Los Angeles should probably pick their license up from Maricopa Superior Court in Phoenix. However, if you’re traveling up the East I-10 from Tucson you can pick up your marriage license at the city’s Pima Superior Court.
  • Interstate 8 — San Diego’s route through Arizona includes passing through Yuma’s Yuma Superior Court. Additionally, this route to Sedona will take you near Phoenix or Camp Verde’s Yavapai Superior Court location as well.
  • Interstate 89 — When driving from Utah, you’ll pass through Page. Stop at the Page Justice Court to pick up their Coconino marriage license. Alternatively, you can consider picking up your license in Flagstaff or Camp Verde.
  • Interstate 17 — On your way to Sedona, you’ll likely drive through Interstate 17. The most convenient option to pick up a marriage license on I-17 will be at the Yavapai Superior Court satellite location in Camp Verde. Otherwise, you will need to drive to Yavapai County’s Prescott location.

Conveniently, any county superior court will be a great option to pick up a marriage license. But there are still a few things you must remember when you show up to pick up your marriage license.

Bride, groom, and witnesses sign marriage license at Arizona wedding

What do I need to get an Arizona marriage license?

When entering your chosen courthouse, look for the local clerk.

These clerks are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to give you the right application and pricing for your marriage license. Remember, couples must appear together when applying for marriage licenses in person. Marriage licenses cost $83. And we can’t stress this enough: bring cash.

The clerks will ask for the couple’s valid government-issued ID. International travelers will not need a social security number. If you’re from the United States, you will need your social security cards or numbers.

After retrieving your marriage license, it will not expire for a year. However, after getting married, the couple must return it within 10 days of the date on your certificate.

If you have everything you need when you show up, you can walk out with your marriage license on the same day.

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How does an Arizona wedding license work?

So long as you’re in Arizona, your Arizona wedding license does the deed.

But there are a few other things to know to ensure your marriage ceremony is official.

Couples will need a certified officiant, two witnesses over the age of 18, and a pen to write down their signatures. For weddings and elopements, we recommend getting a local photographer to help you preserve your wedding day forever.

Finding an officiant can seem like a difficult question, but this is one of the easiest steps of getting married in Sedona.

bride and groom stand with their officiant after wedding ceremony at Tlaquepaque in Sedona

Who can legally officiant a wedding in Arizona?

Don’t wait until reciting your vows to ask your officiant if they’re certified.

The officiant certification process is incredibly easy in Arizona. Ordained members of the church can solemnize marriages, but so too can anyone registered as a certified officiant through the American Marriage Ministries. The State of Arizona recognizes these weddings, and officiants don’t even need to bring their certificate to the wedding (but they can if they want to feel official.)

After saying “I do” and signing the license, the last step is to return your marriage license. Return it to the same location you picked it up from. You or your officiant can return it in person or by mail.

Now enjoy your honeymoon. You’re married!

Victoria Nabours, a Northern Arizona local, founded White Desert Photography in 2018. Since then, the company has bloomed into one of the most in-demand wedding, elopement, and engagement photography companies in Sedona. Additionally, her years of expertise have taken her to international wedding destinations and attracted the eye of local and bridal magazines.

Check out her photo galleries, elopement, and wedding packages, and inquire today!

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If you are looking for a down to earth and talented photography, choose White Desert Photography!

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It literally felt like a DREAM! We enjoyed each breath taking moment!

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We would 100% recommend her to anyone and would be thrilled to have her take our photos again.

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by the end of these shoots we felt she was a dear friend.