How much does a Sedona elopement cost?

The views in Sedona may be priceless, but thankfully an adventure elopement in Sedona is cheaper than a Sedona wedding. But how much does a Sedona elopement cost?

Elopements are always cheaper than weddings by the nature of the ceremony. Some brides love elopements because they involve less guests, less decorations, and more intimacy than a wedding. While the average cost of Sedona weddings reaches more than $30,000, elopements normally cost less than $10,000.

Keep reading to learn more about the cost of a Sedona elopement, the essential elopement services, and what I’ve learned about elopements during my past ten years as an expert wedding photographer.

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How much does a Sedona elopement cost?

Nobody should go broke planning their marriage ceremony, and with an elopement, you won’t have to.

As we said above, elopements normally cost less than $10,000. However, for many people, that’s still a high estimate. When my husband and I eloped in 2022, we only spent a fraction of that.

If you’re traveling within Arizona, you can cut that average cost in half.

So then, what extras should you consider in our elopement cost estimates? We’re so glad we asked:

  • Travel and transportation — How are you getting to Sedona? How are you traveling to your elopement location? If you’re an Arizona or Southwest local this may be an easy choice. However, Sedona is an international destination for weddings and elopements, so plan carefully.
  • Food — Sedona is a small town, but it has a vibrant tourist economy. From the five-star restaurants downtown to our local Whole Foods, a good meal plan will help your stomach enjoy its time in Sedona.
  • Photography and officiant — I’m biased here, but a good photographer can give you the opportunity to cherish the work you put into your elopement for the rest of your lifetime. And legally, a certified officiant to sign your marriage license is a must.
  • Housing — Couples looking to dodge a heavy wedding could spend more money on one of Sedona’s many classy resorts. But for people who are looking to save in this category, there are cheaper Airbnbs, VRBOs, hotels, and camping options.

These are the major side costs that will factor into your overall Sedona elopement cost. Below we’ll cover the services you need in your actual wedding.

Bride and groom stand in front of guests at their low cost Sedona elopement

Why should you elope in Sedona?

There are so many great reasons to elope in Sedona, but first you should spend some time looking at our White Desert Photography pictures. The pictures say so much that we could never put into words.

Beyond the obvious appeal, Sedona is surrounded by the majesty of the Southwest. An hour in either direction will take you to Flagstaff, a Colorado-like city hidden in the snow pines, or the Southwestern metropolitan of Phoenix. Even if you’re just visiting Sedona, the hikes, jeep trails, and swimming holes are incredible.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Arizona has something for everyone.

Bride and groom holds hands on red rock in Sedona

When is the best time to elope in Sedona?

Obviously, the magical red rocks look great year-round.

However, the city does experience extreme heat and windy cold. As an experienced Sedona photography business, White Desert Photography’s busy season is during the Spring and Fall.

During Spring, our busy season is between March and May. During Fall, our busy season is between September and November.

If you’re trying to book an elopement during these times, book early to ensure you get your dream date. White Desert Photography provides booked clients a location guide to help choose the perfect spot for their ceremony.

Two brides celebrate after their low cost Sedona elopement

Where can you elope in Sedona?

Nearly any trail in Sedona offers a dramatic desert backdrop worthy of any Instagram.

There are some go-to locations that fill up fast, like Cathedral Rock, Merry-Go-Round Rock, and Bell Rock. However, some sleeper picks are Boynton Canyon, Submarine Rock, and Doe Mountain. Really it depends on what sort of magical location speaks to your dream elopement.

For more insight, check out White Desert Photography’s venue highlights in her blog.

Groom bends wife for a sunset kiss at Merry-Go-Round Rock in Sedona

What services should you consider for your elopement?

Elopements are obviously not weddings, but they are technically marriage ceremonies. So where do we draw the line between an elopement and a wedding?

Really the best, unofficial decider comes down to how many guests you invite. However, there are some essentials we believe that elopements need to have in order to create that same magic.

  • Officiant — A wedding essential, Sedona has many wedding officiants on stand-by for an elopement in Sedona.
  • Marriage license — According to Arizona law, a marriage license acquired in the state can be used in any county across the entire state. Lead photographer Victoria knows this firsthand when eloping with her husband in Sedona.
  • Photographer — We may be biased in this category, but we think photographers are an essential part of the elopement process. Especially if you want to treasure this timeless moment forever.
  • Witnesses — If you’re eloping with your family then you’ll likely have this covered. Arizona law requires two witnesses to sign their name onto any marriage license. (If you need an extra, White Desert Photographers have signed many marriage licenses as witnesses.)
  • Wedding attire — What will your wedding attire say about you? Sedona is all about creativity and self-expression, so whether you’re looking for one wedding dress or two, planning that expense ahead of time is the way to go.
  • Wedding rings — Don’t forget them! Although many people are going the tattoo route, be sure to figure out what you want for your dream elopement.
  • Miscellaneous — Do you want vow books, flowers, or any other miscellaneous ways to make your elopement unique? This will likely be on you or your family to set up before the elopement, but it can be done. Just remember to leave no trace.

Just remember, every elopement is different. You don’t need to have any or all of these things, but these are some general points we find in all of our elopements.

Photographers often act as elopement consultants for curious couples — inquire today and ask away!

Bride and groom laughs, not worry about Sedona elopment cost

What are some examples of Sedona elopement photography packages?

If you’re now wondering what sort of elopement photography packages are available in Sedona, well look no further. White Desert Photography’s transparent and customizable packages can fit anyone’s idea of Sedona elopement costs.

Victoria, founder of White Desert Photography, starts her elopement packages at $1,000. White Desert Photography associate photographers start their packages at $500.

We would love to hear about your wedding. Please inquire today to ensure we’re free on your special date!

Victoria Nabours, a Northern Arizona local, founded White Desert Photography in 2018. Since then, the company has bloomed into one of the most in-demand wedding, elopement and engagement photography companies in Sedona. Additionally, her years of expertise has taken her to international wedding destinations and attracted the eye of local and bridal magazines.

Check out her photo galleries, elopement and wedding packages, and inquire today!

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Arianne & Eric

“My husband and I planned a small elopement in Sedona. I found Victoria on Instagram and loved her style. We went through the planning process without a wedding planner which proved to be difficult. Victoria was so helpful in making suggestions and pointing us into the right direction, even though I know she really didn’t have to do that as our photographer. On the day of the wedding, she was prompt in arrival and swift in ensuring that she captured everything. In our evening shoot, we went to 2 locations but looking at our pictures it appears that we went to at least 20. She has an amazing eye for photography and truly captured the spirit of our relationship. The quality is excellent and we could not be happier with how our photos turned out. Victoria is a gem. If you are looking for a down to earth and talented photography, choose White Desert Photography!”

If you are looking for a down to earth and talented photography, choose White Desert Photography!

Karina & Zach

“Totally WORTH IT! Highly recommend!

Victoria is amazing behind the camera. I am usually really camera shy but I was so comfortable. It literally felt like a DREAM! We enjoyed each breath taking moment!”

It literally felt like a DREAM! We enjoyed each breath taking moment!

Izza & Reenan 

“Our wedding was originally March 2020 and she was so great during that difficult time of unexpected rescheduling. When we finally met 2 years after our first email exchange she made us feel so comfortable and at ease.

We would 100% recommend her to anyone and would be thrilled to have her take our photos again.”

We would 100% recommend her to anyone and would be thrilled to have her take our photos again.

Sarah & Aaron

“We hired her for our engagements, bridals and wedding day and we absolutely LOVED having her to capture these special moments. Victoria, is personable yet professional, and by the end of these shoots we felt she was a dear friend.”

by the end of these shoots we felt she was a dear friend.